Saturday, February 26, 2011


Grrr! The only thing more annoying than having something one's written be corrected, is having something one is still writing be corrected. Google Docs has a lot to answer for.

TLOML and I are cataloguing all the stuff we have in Malibu which we don't intend to take to NY. So we're working together on this shared Google Doc. Each busily measuring and then coming back to our respective laptops to document our findings. Apparently I am not doing the formatting correctly. I know this because as I type his invisible mouse appears and bolds, italicizes, etc. Without even asking! And every time I write something charming and appealing like 'cool retro style medicine box' he overtypes it with something lawyerly and precise like 'off white wall mounted cabinet with 'First Aid' logo'. He just harumphed 'It's not a print, it's an actual painting' (of the controversial 'tea cups' picture I am dying to get rid of...).

Any takers...? Free to the first person who shows an interest...

My last entry to the list was 'big ugly coffee table'. He loves that coffee table. Ha! I think it's time for me to log off and leave him to it.

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